Wisconsin based
Venture Capital Fund
Coming in 2019

A Platform for Manufacturing Startups and Spin Outs

A History of Success

Dan Voell - Managing Director

Co-founded Modern Grinding in 2013 and grew it from 0 to 150 customers and $1M annual revenue run rate in 22 months. Worked at UBS wealth management with a group of 20 individuals who managed $20 Billion dollars of corporate funds in fixed income products. Previous assistant to the Golden Angel Investors under Tim Keane.

A Unique Approach

Typical Venture Capital Forward Capital Fund Typical Private Equity
Manufacturing and Spin-Outs Focus
Return Focus
Young Leader Development
Platform For Early Stage Manufacturers
Focused on Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee

"Anything you can do to build a community that can help entrepreneurs punch above their weight is a plus" - Chris Douvos (Super LP)